Our Story - The Noodle King


Noodle Forum was born from a passion to create traditional handmade noodles that are fresh and full of flavour that everyone can enjoy. 

Using traditional methods and local West Australian produce, our menu is a combination of recipes that have been handed down through generations as well as some modern creations of old world dishes. We are proud to serve our beautiful noodles to you with quality local, free range produce such as Exmouth prawns, Borrello Beef and locally caught fish. 

Erich Wong  Noodle Master / Production Director

Our bona fide Noodle Master! The son of a pioneering noodle maker in Malaysia in the ‘60s, he started training in the art of noodle making when he was barely a teenager. More than 40 years later, after cheffing all over the world, he pours his insatiable passion for noodles into Noodle Forum, creating every strand of scrumptious noodle we serve.

Jase Wong  Executive Chef

Enhanced by his knowledge of the intricacies of French cookery, his fiery dedication for the culinary world pushes Jase to walk the the creative boundaries of all flavours and cuisines. He inspires us all with his culinary ingenuity, never ending curiosity and well-honed skills.